flormar nail enamel 11ml

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flormar nail enamel 11ml


Flormar Nail Enamel is an iconic nail polish and definitely a must-have in your collection. Known for its extra shine, the Flormar Nail Enamel promises to turn heads. In fact, this product will leave your nails extra bright thanks to its special formula. Moreover, the legendary nail polish is also long-lasting. With Expert Gel-3 Technology, the shelf life of this product is extra-long, preventing wear out and equally any kind of chipping. With a creamy texture, the Flormar Nail Enamel is an easy-to-use option, perfect to get that beauty salon quality without leaving the comfort of your house. Additionally, this high coverage nail polish comes in multiple colors being, therefore, suitable for any taste or any look. Achieve an ultra-glossy manicure and let your hands shine no matter the occasion. The Nail Enamel by Flormar is a classic that you cannot miss.

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