flormar nail polish DRYING SPRAY

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flormar nail polish DRYING SPRAY


Flormar Nail Polish Drying Spray will take your mani or pedi to another level thanks to its power to reduce the nail drying time. In fact, this spray is a true time-saver since it makes your nails dry in about a minute. This is the perfect addition to your nail care routine if you need a manicure on the go and want to prevent any kind of smudge simultaneously. At the same time, it has some extra benefits. Enriched with Vitamin E, Lemon, and Peanut Oil, this formula is also very nourishing. When applying the Flormar Drying Spray, you are also moisturizing your nails and skin, and consequently preventing cuticle dryness. Moreover, this timesaving spray is colorless and provides a glossy luxurious finish to your nail polish. With the Flormar Nail Polish Drying Spray, you can get back to your daily life faster and with perfect nails.

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