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FOCALLURE Glowmax Hydrating Primer & Blurmax Pore-Minimize Primer FA138

💎 Blurmax : Suitable for oily skin (Perfect for anyone with combination to oily skin who wants to fill large pores and smooth fine wrinkles and Oil Control)
How to use:
Before applying your foundation, evenly fill in large pores and wrinkle areas smooth to get the best smooth skin surface. If you have oily skin, apply Oliy all over the area for long-lasting oil control results.

💎 Glowmax : Suitable for dry skin (With the formula "hydra-penetrating deep into the skin and the power of moisture all day". Made with beeswax and Kiwi extract as well as vitamins A, C and Natural Moisture Factor. Give your skin infused, with hydra and water long-lasting lock)
How to use:
Before applying foundation, apply evenly to face. Let it dry naturally for 30 seconds before applying makeup.

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