Jina Alchemy Mintness Lip Balm 15g

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Jina Alchemy Mintness Lip Balm 15g

JINA ALCHEMY Mintness Lip Balm 15gm

  • 100% all natural ingredients, no preservatives, no synthetic ingredients.
  • Bee wax exclusively from Apis laboriosa (Himalayan Giant Bees).
  • Blend of organic certified essential oils for all natural fragrance and benefits.
  • Ingredients: Organic bee wax, organic chiuri butter, cold-pressed wild apricot kernel oil, wild mentha essential oil, organic basil essential oil.
  • Can be used as a natural body deodorant too.

Mint-ness is the most premium minty lip balm from the foothills of Himalayas. We exclusively use beeswax produced by Himalayan Giant Bees (Apis laboriosa) sourced while hunting Mad Honey during the season of rhododendron blossom. This lip balm includes essential oil of wild mint (Mentha arvensis) and basil (Ocimum basilicum). Wild mint naturally has a higher content of menthol. Menthol is an active ingredient well known for creating cooling sensation on skin and has analgesic properties due to its selective activation of κ-opioid receptors. Wild apricot kernel oil and organic chiuri butter used in this lip balm are rich in vitamin E and other natural antioxidants that work best in keeping skin and lips hydrated.

Caution: This lip balm contains naturally occurring menthol compound that is present in mint essential oil, people who are sensitive to menthol or mint flavored products are advised to avoid using this product to avoid allergic reaction.

Hand-crafted in Nepal


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