O.TWO.O Luxurious Moisturizing Cream

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O.TWO.O Luxurious Moisturizing Cream

O.TWO.O Luxurious Moisturizing Face Base

Powder-saving hero, smooth and long-lasting makeup. With a silky ice cream-like texture, it melts upon application, adheres to the skin without being oily, and feels lightweight without any burden. It serves as both skincare and makeup primer, smoothing the skin, minimizing pores and fine lines, providing long-lasting hydration, and eliminating the problem of makeup caking and powderiness, creating a flawless base for makeup application.


Enriched with nourishing ingredients, it contains extracts of Moringa leaves and avocado fruit butter, deeply hydrating and locking in moisture in the skin. Addition of Centella asiatica leaf extract strengthens the skin barrier and soothes sensitive skin.


Vitamin C is also included to brighten the complexion, reduce dullness caused by foundation, and provide daytime protection and stabilization for the skin. It effectively locks in moisture for an extended period, ensuring a smooth and adherent makeup base.




🌞Ice cream-like texture, melts and adheres to the skin.

🌞Moisturizing without being greasy, lightweight and easily absorbed.

🌞Acts as a makeup primer, smoothing out fine lines.

🌞Provides long-lasting hydration, eliminates makeup caking.

🌞Strengthens the skin barrier, fights against dullness.

How To Use:

After cleansing your face every morning, warm an appropriate amount of product in your palm and apply to your face or use as a makeup primer




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