O.two.o Nose Strips Charcoal Deep Cleansing

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O.two.o Nose Strips Charcoal Deep Cleansing


Contains natural plant ingredients, which can remove the dirt and blackheads from the pores, cover the parts that tend to for blackheads, and use natural plant extracts to condition the skin to keep the pores clean and smooth, clean the skin, gently remove dead skin and improve rough skin and tighten the pores at the same time, make the skin shiny.



1. People with sensitive skin and sunburn, dryness, redness, acne, wounds, etc., do not use it.

2. Use as soon as possible after opening the bag to avoid getting wet with water.

3. Please wait for more than 2 days between each use.



1. Thoroughly clean the face with water. Keep your nose area wet.

2. Apply the mask on your nose.

3. Wait for 5-15 minutes (dry out, peel it off). If the strip is too firmly attached or is painful to remove, wet the area thoroughly until the strip is easy to remove,

Deep Cleansing, Extract excess oil and impurities from the pores of the skin, Purify Pores,It helps tighten pores and soothe redness, Clean Blackheads

Remove the black and white head at the root.

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