Sinoz Cleansing Clay Face Mask

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Sinoz Cleansing Clay Face Mask

Sinoz Cleansing Clay Face Mask:

With the natural Clay ingredients this Face Mask deeply cleanses the layers on the skin and allows the skin to breathe. The mask strengthens the skin and retains moisture values, prevents acne, and blackheads. It helps the sebum balance of the skin to retain moisture for a healthier, softer skin. | 50 ml


  • KAOLIN & BENTONITE CLAY - Moisturizes the skin and keeps sebum production in balance. Bentonite is an ingredient for acne treatment.


  • SPIRULINA POWDER - Contains many antioxidants to provide anti-aging. This ingredient prevents skin damage to minimize wrinkles and fine lines.


  • CALENDULA SEED OIL - Reduces the appearance of pores and stimulates a healing process of the skin. The Calendula Seed Oil calms the skin.

How to Use:

1. Make sure to deeply cleanse your skin before applying the Clay Face Mask.
2. Apply a thin layer on your skin and avoid contact with the eyes.
3. Your skin can get red at first due to blood circulation. This is a normal result and will disappear quickly.
4. Apply this mask twice a week.







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