Sinoz Sunscreen For Oily Skin

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Sinoz Sunscreen For Oily Skin

Sinoz Sunscreen For Oily Skin:

Helps to tighten the enlarged pores and reduce the porous appearance of the skin. It helps to prevent the accumulation of residues caused by daily factors inside the pores. It moisturizes your skin quickly with its light and easily absorbed structure; nourishes the skin without leaving a greasy feeling. After cleaning the dirt, oil and residues accumulated in the pores on the skin, it tightens the pores. This way, the residues remaining in the shrinking or closed pore are prevented from causing inflammation or acne.


PANTHENOL - Also known as Vitamin B5. It prevents skin irritation and helps to store moisture in the skin.

UREA - Care products with urea in their formula help to increase the moisture holding capacity of the skin.

VITAMIN E - Strengthens the skin, reduces hyperpigmentation and minimizes visible blemishes. Slows down your skin-aging process.

How to use

1. Apply a good amount of the Sunscreen to your face before going out into the sun.
2. Apply the Sunscreen to the entire face 20 minutes before you go into the sun.
3. To ensure protection from the sun, repeat the application process every 2 hours.

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