Focallure Pure Matte Lipstick

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Focallure Pure Matte Lipstick

FOCALLURE  Flower Show Series-A matte lipstick containing pure natural jasmine rose essential oil is here.

[Natural makeup effect] The lipstick is added with rose and jasmine essential oils. Natural rose and jasmine petals are selected and distilled into essential oils. The cream is carefully made , Add essential oils to make the lipstick have the fragrance of rose and jasmine. At the same time, rose and jasmine have moisturizing and soothing functions, which can realize the lip protection while applying lipstick, without making the lips feel dry, making the lips softer

[super smooth] can be applied smoothly and maintained as Silk-like matte effect, matte but not dry, very comfortable after application, no matter how superimposed, it will not clump, not sticky, light and not stuffy lips, not showing lip lines

[High color rendering] matte with rich pigment Light color, you can apply it at will to have glamorous lips, not easy to fade

[Waterproof] Waterproof ingredients are added, and it has waterproof function, which can meet the needs of not taking off makeup all day long.

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