JUAS Dhatelo Seed Oil (30ml)

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JUAS Dhatelo Seed Oil (30ml)

JUAS 30ml Dhatelo Seed Oil Cold-pressed (with dropper)

  • 30 ml net vol. in amber glass with dropper
  • Superior moisturizer for dry and combination skin.
  • 100% cold pressed from wildcrafted dhatelo seeds.
  • May help in treating hair damage and hair fall.
  • Properties similar if not superior to Jojoba oil.
  • May help in relieving pain in joints and muscles.
  • Also edible and can be added to salads.

Dhatelo seed oil from JUAS is made by cold pressing wildcrafted dhatelo seeds. Cold process is a way of extracting oils at low temperature so that all the nutritional and antioxidant properties of the polyunsaturated fatty acids are preserved. Dhatelo, which has the botanical name of Prinsepia utilis Royle from the Rosaceae family, is a deciduous shrub which grows at altitude of 1800 to 3000 meters in central to western parts of Nepal. This oil has analgesic properties so can be used as treatment for muscular pain, stomach pain, rheumatism, and also as relief for cold and coughs and various skin disorders. Can also be used as a superior hair oil. The oil is an excellent oil based moisturizer for dry and combination skin types.

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