Mesauda Hydramorphosis Lip Balm

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Mesauda Hydramorphosis Lip Balm


A moisturizing and volumizing treatment for soft, full and juicy lips. This extraordinary plumping lip balm softens fine lines, slightly swelling surface folds, stimulating microcirculation thus giving you more volume. The gentle and very pleasant tingling and warm sensation will make you wish you had more! The ultra-soft texture features a hybrid sensory feel between a gloss and an oil, instantly brightening the lips with a gentle hint of color. Super-easy to apply, the product stays adhered to the lips without fear of it migrating.



Apply to the upper lip, starting from the center toward the outer corners. Then move to the lower lip, starting from the corners toward the center of the mouth. For a natural result, apply a single coat; for a more intense result in both color and shine, layer as many times as desired.

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