Mesauda Dip Liner Matte Eyeliner

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Mesauda Dip Liner Matte Eyeliner

Dip Liner Matte is the eyeliner with a defined and ultra pigmented trait for an opaque finish. The innovative patented felt applicator "Magic Tip" allows you to draw precise lines by picking the right amount of color for an impeccable and homogeneous application. Its fluid and impalpable texture ensures fast drying and long-lasting. In addition, its moisturizing and protective formula respects the subtle epidermis of the eyelids.
Siliconi-free formula, Liquid Paraffina and Carbon Black. Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.

How to use: Shake the bottle before use to perfectly emulsify the pigments. Draw a line from the base of the eyelashes, starting from the inside out, stopping the stroke according to the natural shape of the eye.

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