Jina Alchemy Tha Anoinment Whipped Body Butter 101g

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Jina Alchemy Tha Anoinment Whipped Body Butter 101g

 JINA ALCHEMY Tha Anointment Whipped Body Butter 101g

  • 100% all natural ingredients, no preservatives, no synthetic ingredients.
  • Blend of organic certified healing essential oils for natural fragrance.
  • Butter, loaded with beneficial fatty acids and nutrients that help lock in the moisture on skin and helps in relieving various skin conditions.
  • Ingredients: Organic chiuri butter, premium cow ghee, cold-pressed organic hemp seed oil, organic palmarosa essential oil, organic eucalyptus essential oil, wild wintergreen essential oil, and organic zanthoxylum essential oil.
  • Use within 3 months after opening the Jar and always store below 20 C away from direct sunlight.

In ancient times, anointment was done to a person by pouring or sprinkling aromatic oils so that a person can be declared holy and in good health. Generally oils used in anointing always had healing properties. So as the name, Tha Anointment, this whipped body butter is a blend of chiuri butter and hemp seed oil with proven health and skin benefits. Blend of aromatic essential oils used in this butter also has healing, uplifting and insect (mosquitoes) repelling properties. This body butter is great for various skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, stretch marks, and also works great in relieving pain from nerves and muscles. Anointment is basically an aromatic healing butter blend for your skincare sacrament.

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