AXIS-Y dark spot correcting glow serum

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AXIS-Y dark spot correcting glow serum

A 5% Niacinamide-based serum that corrects dark spots and improves uneven skin tone. With the help of plant-derived Squalane, this serum retains moisture to keep your skin glowing and healthy wherever you go.

When developing our serum, we wanted a product that would give our community and their skin the confidence they need to shine from inside and out. Our main goal was to create a serum that would give us a boost of happiness when we see our bare skin or when seeing the vast, visible improvement of our skin after every application. We added ingredients for brightening and fading dark spots, and soothing rough and irritated skin to create the ultimate serum so that we can not only see the glow, but feel it as well.

Skin Type
Any, acne-prone, sensitive

Skin Concern
Acne, oily skin, uneven texture, hyperpigmentation

Skin Feel
Lightweight, hydrating

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