Jina Alchemy Third Eye Hair Oil(50ml)

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Jina Alchemy Third Eye Hair Oil(50ml)

 JINA ALCHEMY Third Eye Hair Oil 50ml

  • 100% natural ingredients, no preservatives or synthetic ingredients used.
  • Blend of medicinal and aromatic oils, and plant extracts.
  • Suited for all hair types and scalp for hair growth and nourishment.
  • Net volume 50ml in amber glass with dropper.
  • Use within 7 months after opening the bottle and store at a cool place away from direct sunlight.

It is said that what we eat is what we become. What if, it is not only about what we eat, but is also about, what we absorb and what we detox. Our skin and hair is actually a reflection of our internal physiology and biochemistry. So imagining a product that nourishes and detoxifies our internal physiology and biochemistry gave birth to The Third Eye Hair Oil.

Metaphysically, the Third Eye is superimposed energetically in our body where pituitary and pineal glands are located. The pituitary gland is medically known as the master gland that signals all other glands to secrete hormones, and the pineal gland functionally is still unknown to modern science. Third eye hair oil blend inspired from the ancient ayurvedic scalp massage, has oils and herbal extracts that specifically nourishes scalps and strengthens the nervous system. Regular application of this oil blend may result in balanced and enriched functioning of both these glands that are vital for not only improving hair and skin health but also overall mental wellbeing. Third Eye hair oil blend has oils and extracts such as rosemary essential oil, ginger root extracts, zedoary essential oil, and more that are scientifically proven to stop hair fall and helps in stimulating new hair growth.

Direction of Use:

Apply the required amount of hair oil blend liberally on the scalp and hair shaft. Pair with Virgin Coconut Oil or any other healthy saturated fat for a balanced and enriched nourishment. Keep the hair oil for at least 3 hours or overnight before hair wash for hair growth and improved scalp and hair shaft health. Apply 4-5 drops of Third Eye Hair Oil on the hair shaft and hair ends after hair wash for sealing moisture of hair cuticles.



Cold-pressed Castor oil, Cold-pressed Pumpkin Seed Oil*. Cold-pressed Black cumin seed Oil, Cold-pressed Apricot Kernel Oil^, Cold-pressed Garden Cress Seed Oil, Cold-pressed Dhatelo Seed Oil^ slow infused with aged ginger roots, amala powder, and Shikakai pods.

Essential Oils of Zedoary*, Thyme*, Rosemary*, Cedarwood^. Rosewood*





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